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Jhane Barnes: Fashion Pioneer

weavingIn a previous post, I wrote about how working as a designer for Jhane Barnes has fed my love and knowledge of weaving. Working with Jhane has also helped me to fully appreciate the breadth of computer technology and its applications for textile design. My job has really incorporated both skills: understanding how to weave, and using the computer as a tool to design both prints and wovens.

In the nearly three years that I have worked with Jhane, I have witnessed fashion’s ebbs and flows, and have been impressed with Jhane’s ability to accommodate changing tastes while remaining true to her own aesthetic. My daily responsibilities have shifted, too. Whereas I used to spend a lot of time weaving (on a wonderful, 24-harness AVL compu-dobby loom), I now focus on computer aided design.

More specifically, for the past year, we have been pioneering a new concept in print design: engineered digital prints. Jhane Barnes Digital, set to hit the stores this fall, features a line of clothing printed with millions of colors. In each garment, the print coincides with a specific part of the garment, resulting in a synthesis of color, composition, and form.

Jhane Barnes Digital is fashion’s future. Jhane is changing with the times, and is even ahead of the fashion curve.

As a designer, I am excited to experience these transitions. The only downside is that I am no longer weaving. We are designing fewer and fewer woven dobbies, and are selling two of our looms. I am very sad to see them go! I am grateful to the looms for all they have taught me, and hope their new owners love them as much as we did.

image above: Iviva weaving