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Sustainable Design

Sally Fox and I discussing organic yarn possibilities.

I’ve been working to find innovative ways to make my designs more sustainable for years.

I first met Sally Fox back in 2010, during a visit to an organic cotton farm in El Paso, Texas. Sally is amazing. She actually developed natural cotton that grows in different colors!

Just this week she visited my studio and we discussed some different organic yarn options. I’m excited about the possibilities.

My interest in sustainability goes beyond working with organic yarns. I’ve also incorporated environmentally friendly and recycled materials into my eyewear and furniture designs.

Working with Jofco, I created a totally green line of executive office furniture, “Tahke,” that was made from bamboo harvested by hand from a hillside in China where it is indigenous. Every detail – glue, hardware, veneer – was sustainable. In some ways, Tahke was ahead of its time. It debuted on the market in 2007, before environmental sustainability was so trendy.


Also ahead of its time was my environmental line of eyeglasses for Kenmark. It launched in 2009 with a variety of styles. “Redux 4″ is still available. The plastic temples are made from recycled plastic of many frames…hence the multi-colored speckle appearance. Each order is different depending on what colored material is reclaimed from the waste.

As part of my ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility, every Jhane Barnes collection frame is shipped with corn based demo lenses that break down into water and carbon matter, reducing waste. And all of the cases are made from 100% recycled materials and organic cotton.