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This Spring’s Must-Have Item: Unconstructed “Rumple Dark” Jacket

This season’s must-have piece is my new Rumple Dark jacket. It’s as soft as a sweater, but looks as sharp and polished as your favorite jacket.

I’m really excited about the way this one turned out. We used my yarn dyed stretch woven fabric in a whole new way. The fabric is a cotton double face with lycra in the weft to create the rumples. The overall effect is a subtly-colored fabric composed of shades of blue and grey from space dyed or multi-colored yarns.

Because this jacket uses a double face fabric, the inside of the jacket shows off the bright and light blue stripes on the back of the fabric. The brightness of the inside of the jacket contrasts nicely with the more neutral colored exterior. 

Find Rumple Dark and the rest of my Spring line at jhanebarnes.com/shop-online.