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Neptune Shirt

Neptune and the Seahorses (Painting by Dr. Robert Elliott)

Neptune and the Seahorses (Painting by Dr. Robert Elliott)

I love hearing from the men who wear my clothes. Dr. Robert Elliott, who has been wearing my clothes for years, sent me some paintings for Christmas! I was so excited when I opened the package and saw these watercolor sketches based on Da Vinci’s drawings. I just had to call him and thank him.

I ended up telling Dr. Elliott about some of our new designs. He was intrigued by Jhane Barnes Digital, a new line featuring engineered, digitally printed garments. I explained to him that in an engineered print, each aspect of the print coincides with a specific portion of the garment, so that there is a complete synthesis between the fabric and the garment. As a painter, he appreciated the fact that digital printing allows me to design with millions of colors. And then it hit me: “Why don’t I make an engineered digital shirt out of your painting inspired by Da Vinci’s “Neptune and the Sea Horses” drawing?” I asked. He was thrilled by the idea, so I worked with one of my designers, Heidi Bender, to adapt his painting as a print.

In this video, Heidi explains in detail how she transformed the original painting into a shirt.

This shirt is a true collaboration between Heidi, Dr. Elliott, and me. Our design process is as important to me as the final garment. I love when people and ideas cohere into a great finished product, as they do in this shirt, Neptune. Thanks, Dr. Elliott, for allowing me to adapt your painting, and thanks, Heidi, for adding your own painterly touch.

This shirt, like a number of my designs, is an exclusive item. I only produced a limited number. Currently, you can find this item at my online store: Jhane’s online store