It’s In the Details – A Trip to Our Factory

Not too long ago I took a trip to China to visit the factory that makes my clothes. I was so impressed by what I saw there. The factory was clean, bright and air-conditioned (actually, they’re much nicer than any of the garment factories in NYC). It seemed like a pretty nice place to work and indeed, the majority of the workers had been working there for more than 7 years.

I know that “Made in China” sometimes carries a stigma. But what I want people to understand is that I’m quite proud of the factories that make my garments. They do amazing work at a reasonable pricepoint. And because of this, I’m able to bring high quality clothing to consumers at prices they can afford.┬áIf I tried to make my shirts here in the States, the prices would skyrocket and I would probably go out of business.

I took dozens of little videos and have been trying to figure out the best way to share them with everyone. Here are just a few… they’re short and not very action-packed. But they show the incredible workmanship that goes into each of my shirts. It’s all in the details!