Monthly Archives: February 2013

Tandus Design Meeting in Napa

I just got back from Napa Valley, California where I spent four days with architects and interior designers from all over the country who specialize in interiors for education, both K-12 and university level. Tandus Flooring hosted the event and the purpose was to get feedback directly from the specifiers. We all had a blast pouring over the potential designs. Although our job was fun, the interior designers did not have it easy – after viewing dozens of options, they had to narrow the final selection to 5. I am proud to say that my newest carpet designs made the cut. I’m now working on coloring these today. Coming up with enough good colorways for a single carpet design can take more time than creating the pattern!

When we weren’t deliberating and selecting new patterns, Tandus organized tours of two wineries. What a treat! Here are some photos of the wineries, and the beautiful land surrounding them. Hey… and the wine was great too. I ordered a case of Chardonnay from Nicholson Ranch in Sonoma. I couldn’t resist!

This photo is from the Sebastiani Vineyard. This is the biggest barrel in the world and it’s from a hundred years ago and no longer being used.

This is the second vineyard we went to, Nicholson Ranch in Sonoma. We had dinner in the cellar where all the barrels are kept. It’s four floors beneath the surface!

Incredible sunset. This photo was taken from the Redwood Terrace at Nicholson Ranch.

Daytime shot of the beautiful land at Nicholson Ranch.